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But there’s a strong case for the defence — and it partly hinges on Craig, whose performance in it is his best as Bond by a mile.

The film’s terseness — suicidally un-Bond-like, in some eyes — suited his own.

Please don’t tell Walt, but Disney’s forthcoming blockbuster, Oz: The Great and Powerful isn’t really the sort of film I’d voluntarily go and see.

This will be controversial, but I don’t think any of Craig’s Bond pictures beats the grit and romance of The Living Daylights (1987), as technically tatty around the edges as it may look these days.

Where Kate Winslet is relentlessly, gushingly actressy in her attempts to appear down-to-earth, Weisz gets quietly on with things.

So much so, she and her husband, Daniel Craig, didn’t bother with the red carpet folderol of this year’s Oscars, the industry’s three-line whip equivalent of the office party.

But somehow I can’t see either of them throwing a hissy fit.

In Oz: The Great and Powerful, she plays her first cartoonesque baddie, Evanora: a scheming beauty with a soft spot for torture. I was determined to play her like Bette Davis and really ratchet up the melodrama.

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But you know, as soon as I heard Rachel Weisz was in this whizz-bang big budget 3D prequel, I instantly knew it would be top-notch. Because Weisz, 42, the Cambridge graduate with the glossy, swishy A-list hair and the slow, full-lipped smile is the unofficial kite mark of quality on any movie.